Deferred Standing Request (Make-Up Exam)

Deferred Standing Request (Make-Up Exam)

**This form is for students who opted for the scheduled exam (i.e. Online, Take-Home) but missed the final exam due to reasons such as illness, family or personal emergencies and is now applying to write a make-up exam.

To request to write your final exam in its original format when the university re-opens, please complete the Deferred (In-Person) Exam Request form instead.**

If you have missed an exam please follow the steps outlined below:

1) Within 24 hours of missing a mid-term or final examination, students must contact Student & Enrolment Services:
NOTE: Completing and submitting this form counts as contacting Student & Enrolment Services.

2) Students must also contact their course instructor within 24 hours of the missed exam.

3) Formal documentation (e.g. Attending Physician’s Statement, death certificate, letter from counselor, etc.) regarding the reason for missing the exam must be submitted to Student & Enrolment Services within 48 hours of missing the final exam, via this Deferred Standing Request and file upload. *Retain all originals in the event they are required for hard-copy submission*

Please review Schulich’s policy on deferred standing in your Handbook, available on the Schulich website.

NOTE: This request is not required if you have missed a deliverable other than an exam (quiz, test, presentation, etc.) For non-exam deliverables, please directly connect with your instructor to discuss options and arrangements.

**Students who, because of religious commitment cannot write a formally scheduled final examination on the date scheduled, should refer to the appropriate guidelines regarding the Religious Observance Policy and Accommodation Guidelines on the York University website.