Deferred (In-Person) Exam Request

Deferred (In-Person) Exam Request

If you are opting to write your final exam in its original format when the university re-opens, please follow the steps outlined below:

1) Submit this form before the modified (e.g. online, take-home, etc.) scheduled final exam date.

2) Students must also let their course instructor know that they are opting to sit for the exam in its original format before the modified scheduled final exam date.

Students must choose between writing the exam in its original format when the university re-opens OR writing the modified scheduled final exam. You cannot do both.

COVID-19 Accommodations: Until further notice, documentation (including Attending Physician Statements, death certificates, etc), will not be required to support your request.

IMPORTANT: You will not be able to write this exam in its original format until the unviersity re-opens and schedules an official Deferred Exam period. We do not know when this will be. This may affect your progression in a subsequent course or your progression in the program. Please ensure that you have spoken to your advisor and understand all of the implications before you submit this form.